Quality and Professionalism guaranteed
Quality and Professionalism guaranteed

"At INTERLANG, we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all system for everyone learning a language, but we have a great team of professionals capable of customizing our formats and methodologies to ensure effective progress.

Calidad y Profesionalidad garantizados
Methodology and Content

Exclusive digital content available on our management platform INTERLANG AIR, accessible to students throughout their entire training.

Calidad y Profesionalidad garantizados
Our tool is innovation

Our Interlang Air Management Platform has been developed to assist companies and public institutions in managing their language training through various methodologies.

Calidad y Profesionalidad garantizados
Training Project Management

Our Training Managers have a comprehensive view of the project, accessing information on student progress, attendance, reports, and billing. The Project Manager serves as the liaison between the company and Interlang for ongoing communication during the training period.

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Language courses for companies



We have more than 35 years of experience in the training sector, and a strong commitment to our clients and pedagogical quality.

Language Training

Our various language training solutions make employees more prepared, more competitive and more motivated professionals. They will receive language training that’s tailored to their needs, and they will have access to their rate of progress at all times.

Face-to-face/Virtual Classroom



Interlang Air

Our Interlang AIR Management Platform has been made to measure to help companies and public institutions manage their language training through different modalities: face-to-face classes, telephone classes, and virtual classes.

Teacher Profile

Our teachers are native or bilingual university graduates, qualified and experienced in teaching their language.

Student Profile

Companies that are looking to become more competitive and build the language skills of their staff. We cover all kinds of needs.

Responsible Organisation

Monthly reports are sent in order to monitor each client’s training programme. Interlang has excellent process control management.

Interlang Managers

Interlang assigns one account manager to oversee the entire language training programme for each organisation and the contact the client’s training manager has with Interlang is channelled through this one person.

Workshops and Intensive Courses

The Language Training Workshops in International Business Communication build and hone the communication skills of the participants, enabling them to function more efficiently in an international environment.

Core Competencies

Managerial skills

Perfecting the professional profile

Specialisation in the sector

Level Tests

Our language level tests aid the recruitment process, given that they not only measure the candidates’ linguistic knowledge but also their ability and communicative capacity to perform effectively in that language in a professional environment.

Staff recruitment

Linguistic audit

Online level tests

Oral level tests




All companies are eligible for a credit to train their employees, which they can implement by applying Social Security discounts upon completion of the training action (ORDER TAS/2307/2007).

Other Services

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At Interlang, we offer a wide range of language training programmes for your company.

Immersion Programmes

High-quality training for middle and senior management. Fast, outstanding progress.

Official Certificates

Official certificates in all languages. languages. Official exams for Cambridge, British Council, Goethe Institut ...


Specialists in translation services, prepared to tackle all types of projects.

Madrid Exams

Examination centre in Madrid for official language certifications.

Your language blog

Find all the news and relevant information about languages in our Interlang blog.

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Start training today...

Every organisation has its own specific requirements and Interlang helps companies to evolve. Our tailor-made courses will provide your company with the language training it needs.

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Contact our corporate language services centre and request your training plan tailored to the needs of your organisation.

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