Interlang AIR

Our Interlang AIR Management Platform has been made to measure to help companies and public institutions manage their language training through different methodologies: face-to-face classes, telephone classes and virtual classes.

Exclusive platform

Our proprietary platform, Interlang AIR, where students can connect as and when they like. We offer a unique learning environment, combining digital content and different learning modalities.

Working with Interlang AIR

The account manager has access to the company profile, billing, the student profiles, their groups, and multiple types of reports.

Interlang AIR

Student Profile

The student sees their learning path, their class calendar, evaluations from their teacher, the work they must do before and after each class, the chat, and a wide repository of multimedia resources.

Interlang AIR

Teacher Profile

The teacher accesses their billing and fiscal data, their calendar, their students, the chat, and evaluations that they have made or need to make.

The Billing and HR Department access

The Billing and HR Departments have access to a wide range of tools that include: graphs with the cost by month; number of groups and students; information about all the groups and employees receiving classes; multiple types of reports with different filters; fiscal data; and access to all the invoices issued by Interlang. Interlang.

Contact us

Contact our corporate language services centre and request your training plan tailored to the needs of your organisation.

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