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More flexibility and ease of access: accessible anytime, anywhere, as long as an Internet connection is available

Flexible Hours

Greater flexibility to reschedule classes

Flexible Hours

Greater flexibility to reschedule classes

Flexible schedule

Available 24x7x365

From anywhere

Access to language training and content anywhere in the world

Work-life balance

Better work-life balance

More economical

Lower cost

Greater selection

Wide variety of language (general, business, etc)

Online – Blended learning

Our online language courses are focused on teaching through practice. Students advance through 100% of the subject matter while covering the four main competencies in language learning (Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing), following the requirements of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) and fully subsidised by FUNDAE.

This is personalised training where participants are able to practise their communication skills and develop their speaking abilities.

Online training takes place when and where it is convenient. The organisation determines the place, schedule, duration, frequency, and teacher profile.

Online Language Training

Latest technological trends

A unique methodology of learning through practice. This helps students learn in an easy, fun way, which increases their motivation and enables them to achieve better results.

A progressive, natural educational method is used, which teaches students concepts intuitively by practising the language.

It offers an attractive virtual environment that integrates the latest technological trends applied to language courses and additional educational resources of great value, which support the lessons.

Online Training

Follow-up software

It includes powerful monitoring and evaluation software that makes it possible to assess the participants individually or in a group, lesson by lesson. A record of student progress is always available and the results of tests can be used to measure their level.

Available on all types of devices so that language learning is accessible anywhere, at any time.

Tutoring service: Support from a tutor assigned to the course and a facilitator, who answers participants’ questions and encourages their commitment and progress.

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