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Flexible Hours

Greater flexibility to reschedule classes


Less time required to cancel or request changes


Concise, more condensed classes


Greater emphasis on listening comprehension and oral expression skills


Their duration makes fitting in telephone classes easier for very busy schedules.


They are always individual and the teacher can adapt to the student's needs 100%

Interlang Telephone Language Training

Telephone classes are always individual. They last 25 minutes, and the student receives detailed feedback at the end of each one.

During these sessions, the student puts into practice all the knowledge acquired prior to the class in specific contexts guided by the teacher, such as role-plays and debates.

Telephone Language Training

Interlang AIR Platform

We rely on technology to make the learning process easier. Our Interlang Air platform, designed with mobile-first technology, makes its content very attractive.

It’s proven that learning a language through telephone classes enables students to reactivate a lot of their passive knowledge.

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