Language services for companies

We have more than 35 years of experience in the training sector, and a strong commitment to our clients and pedagogical quality.

Our mission is to work with companies and provide them with the support they need to help them grow professionally.

We want them to be more competitive and achieve greater international reach.

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We are backed by success stories from clients in many different sectors, such as Government, Official Bodies and Public Administration, Industry, Construction, Services, Distribution and Retail, Agriculture, and Nutrition.


Belonging to a group that carries out different activities within Education and Tourism allows Interlang to offer a comprehensive solution in these areas.


Office Staff


Team of Teachers​

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Sales Representatives


To ensure success

Our goal is to help companies evolve and grow professionally, providing them with tools to become more competitive and develop their
employees’ skills.

We offer tailor-made training ...

We know that every organisation has specific needs.

We like to take on new challenges and adapt to each client.

A dedicated account manager

We assign a single account manager to administer the entire training project for each organisation and be the sole interlocutor with the client’s training manager.

Progress assessment

Student progress is monitored several times a year, with the teacher evaluating each language area.

Monitoring and reports

Monthly and final reports are issued to follow up on the training. Comprehensive attendance monitoring: this is done daily in the classroom through our Interlang Air platform via computer, smartphone, and/or attendance sheets.

Satisfaction surveys

We assess students' opinions through satisfaction surveys. Two are given during the training period, one at the beginning and another at the end.


We provide excellence ...
We're experts

Our value is human capital. Our teachers are native or bilingual university graduates, graduates, qualified and experienced in teaching their language, and experts in different teaching formats: face-to-face, virtual, telephone, etc. They are also experts in analysing the needs of each student and the group and in establishing individual and shared objectives.


There are no borders ...
we're digital

We have our own platform, Interlang AIR, to which students can connect as and when they like. We offer a unique learning environment, combining digital content and a variety of learning methodologies.


Our own content

Classes can have a general focus, working
on all aspects of the language in a structured, progressive
way from a professional approach (communication skills, management, etc.) and at the same time address the interests and professional needs of each student so that they can perform better in their job.

Interlang has its own Content Development team whose
goal is excellence and originality. The online digital format
of the content makes interactive use accessible directly from our platform Interlang AIR,
with some elements also available in hard copy. The student has a variety of topics
in each category:

General topics: society, economy, art, culture, psychology, …

Business communication skills: presentations, negotiations, networking, meetings, …

She Herencia

The Herencia Group, of which Interlang is part, is a family-owned group of
companies based in Spain, which offers a variety of services
within the world of Education and Tourism.
Language Services.

The Herencia Group has a staff of 75, a team of about
300 teachers and a network of more than 50 sales representatives
in Spain, with offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia,
Malaga, Leon, and Vitoria.

Grupo Herencia

Start training today...

Each company has specific needs. At Interlang, we like to take on new challenges and offer our clients the best services.

Get in touch with us and we will help you find the tailor-made training plan that’s right for your organisation.