Level Tests

Level tests can be used to identify the best candidates and make hiring processes faster and easier.

These tests allow you to determine the candidates’ actual language level and ability to perform effectively in their specific professional environment.

Level Tests

Staff recruitment

Level Tests

Linguistic audit

In order to properly plan language training for an organisation, it is essential to know the specific needs of that organisation in terms of linguistic competencies. A linguistic audit provides both a global and a specific vision of the staff’s linguistic level, as well as identifying a person’s capacity for using a foreign language in their job.


The linguistic audit is a global analysis carried out in partnership with the HR department. It is followed up with an individual analysis of the workers who need to use a foreign language to successfully carry out their jobs.


With the results of the level tests, a specific language training plan is designed for the organisation. This plan identifies and addresses collective and individual milestones for appropriate and effective talent development.

Future processes

In addition to providing a current snapshot of an organisation's linguistic competence, the results of the Linguistic Audit will also provide information for future recruitment processes in the company's key areas.

Native examiners

The linguistic audit is carried out by examiners who are native speakers of each language.

Level Tests

Online level tests

Level Tests

Level Tests