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English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. It is a common misconception that learning English as a second language is quick and easy, with many tips and tricks promising rapid success.

The reality is quite different: an adult who does not speak English as their first language needs at least 600 hours of high-quality training and 600 hours of oral practice to have a sufficient command of English to be able to function efficiently and effectively in a professional environment.

Learning English with Interlang opens the door to better job opportunities, personal and professional growth, and access to global information.

Learning English with Interlang

The Language of Innovation

From senior to middle management, down to junior staff, professionals who speak English have a broader contact with their peers and better access to the brightest minds in their industry.

Companies that adopt English as the official language attract diverse talent and, therefore, access ideas from all around the world. This allows them to be more innovative than their less diversified competitors. Therefore, English is the language of innovation.

Learning English

A Global Language

Currently, due to technological advancements, there is an unprecedented exchange of information and ideas that transcends borders. This not only affects employees but also companies. The tools for this online collaboration, conferences, or TED talks, enable more frequent and informal communication among employees in different locations. Usually, this takes place in English.

Work environments are constantly evolving, which implies a greater demand for employee reeducation and training. A knowledge of English is crucial to be able to access new information and to make a person more adaptable. As the world of work changes, cultural change is as necessary as it is inevitable.

Language Training

English at Interlang

In the organisations of today, collaborative work takes precedence, and, therefore, improving the employees’ command of English is necessary to optimise the flow of information throughout the organisation. The international expansion of companies and globalisation make mastering this language essential.

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